Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Timelapse

Lucas next to some wild Sturt Desert Pea

My family and I have just returned from a well earned vacation at Leigh Creek. Leigh Creek is coal mining town with a rich history that goes back to the 1800's It's quite a remote town located in the center of South Australia. Beautiful landscapes, especially at the moment due to the drought breaking rainfall that we have had this year. So the place was alive. I will post a slide show soon. While we were there we would go out driving in the bush in the morning and then my pregnant Wife and 2 year old Son would come home for an afternoon sleep. This gave Dad a chance to go out and play with his toys! Timelapse that is... ;)

Here's some stills of the remote trigger I built based on a circuit I found on Instructables for the Lumix GH1.

I used the Open Moco Timelapse Engine v0.82 and Slim v0.12. The code can be downloaded from the Open Moco website. If you are interested in getting into timelapse like me. Here are some use useful links: Open source timelapse software for use with Arduino and various other hardware platforms. I great online community for all things related to timelapse, motion control and slow motion photography. A non-threatening programmable micro-controller aimed and hobbyists and tinkerers.. like me!


Anonymous said...

Nice stuff.

sighmon said...

The rain clouds opening up are spectacular Dan! Nice one.

Marcel said...


Next step is to have the camera move too! ;)


samiam said...

A great location, Dan. Looks like the technology worked flawlessly, congrats! Nice to see you had a well earned break.