Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Lindy Dolly + Kflop + BFG

Gerald Thompson continues to show us how it's done with his new light weight lindy rig. Driven by his modified kflop board and his own animation software. It may not look all that different to the timelapse dollys out there. But I can assure you it's a big step up from a timelapse rig to a true realtime repeatable system. Can't wait to build one of these myself!


Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff. Is that the end of the road with Arduino for you?

Jim L said...


Dan Thompson said...

Haha no way,

I love Arduino! In fact I have spent the last 4 days in the Australian Outback (Flinders Rangers) doing lots of timelapse with my Lumix GH1 and Arduino with the openMoco engine running on it. I'm loving it!

But yes for realtime moco stuff I plan on using the kflop. I still have my propeller education kit too. The problem is finding the time to complete all the learning labs that come with the kit. I'm on holidays at the moment, maybe I'll bust it out again!