Tuesday, December 29, 2009

open moco touchscreen interface v002_001

Just another Iteration. This one has button images! Find out more in the Original Post

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Open Moco Touchscreen Interface

I have started contributing to the OpenMoco project. It's basically a well thought out motion control engine and intervalometer that people can use to build their own motion control contraptions.

The first GUI is going to be based on the Touchshield Slide by liquidware. This is a very exciting time for us DIY moco enthusiasts.

The applet you see above is purely to test functionallity. There are already several people designing the look of GUI and I gotta say I like what I've seen so far. I will slowly add flashy buttons and sliders as the are discussed and agreed upon. If you want to contribute to the project I suggest you head on over to open moco forums and make yourself known!

You can check out the next iteration of the GUI here.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

APAC Panorama Event = Success!

In the last post I mentioned that I was going on a working holiday to Hong Kong. I was asked by Autodesk to join 3 other industry professionals to be apart of the APAC Panorama event.

My duties were:
- Critique and Mentor the Students to help them polish their films
- Give a 45min talk about Character Development and Animation for Visual Effects
- Be on the panel of judges to select the winners of the competition.

It was a surreal experience. Not only was it a complete culture shock. But the format of the event attracted lots of media. So there was a camera on me pretty much the whole time I was there!

The whole event was also covered be a TV crew from Animax an Asian anime channel. They are planning to do a series of short silhouettes on the event. The First one goes to air on Christmas Day! Unfortunately we do not get the Animax channel in Australia, but if clips end up online I will be sure to post them.

Here is a link to the winning team's film. It's called Tancho and I was lucky enough to be their Mentor as they polished it off in the last remaining days of the event.

You can follow all if the student's adventures throughout the event as they were all given flip cameras for a vBlog competition (Australia Team one this one).

I'll post more photos from the trip when I get time. But all in all it was an experience I'll never forget!