Sunday, August 30, 2009

Propeller Platform Module

This looks awesome. Exactly the kind of thing I'm after. I love it's modular design.

Check out for more info.


Marcel said...

Hey Dan, forgive me if I sound like a stuck record...

I just came across this Arduino software that does parallel processing!! I don't know much detail about it yet but I knew that this was something you were pursuing. Maybe it's too slow for video moco, but if so, maybe it'll rock on one of those 72MHz Maple Arduino clones??


PS. my project is actually getting time invested in it so it's actually moving forward! Hoorah! :)


Marcel said...

(oh and by the way... I've toasted my two easydriver cards :( - although thankfully one of them still runs but won't change direction. It's better than no motion at all!)

Dan Thompson said...

Hey Marcel,

This looks very interesting. I will have to give it a try! You're probably right about the speed though, but still, I just read through some of their docs, I love how simple they have made the syntax for parallel programming!

I have my propeller all wired up on a breadboard and ready for some learning, but I am looking for a chunk of time for me to dive in. Argh! Too many things to learn!

Marcel said...


1 P A R
2 b l i n k ( 1 1 , 5 0 0 )
3 b l i n k ( 1 2 , 5 0 0 )

That's awesome — and could prove the ticket for moving multiple steppers. hmmm.