Saturday, August 8, 2009

Open Moco Intervalometer Tutorial

Shutterdrone has done it again with another great tutorial. If you are into DIY timelapse photography then you can't go past this one. It's part of a fast growing body of knowledge on the open moco website. What is open moco? It's not to be confused with open moko(open source mobile phone platform). is a website dedicated to DIY motion control.

This tutorial is not only an introduction to Inervalometers, but also a step by step guide on how to build your own with a few simple components.

For the full tutorial and more moco goodness visit the


pixelgrit said...

Great post. i'm definitely gonna have to check it out. i've also found this very cheap alternative moco using a telescope head (pan and tilt), including the 'timeismotion' software from miLapse - all on too...

Dan Thompson said...

Hey pixelgrit,

I have heard of the this setup. It looks very interesting. I don't think it is a true nodal pan tilt head but still, it seems to be very popular with the timelapse enthusiasts.