Saturday, January 26, 2013

USB MIDI Drum Kit with EZDrummer

I bought this rubber drumpad of ebay. Then downloaded two bits of software:

USB2Midi - Remaps MIDI signals from the drumpad

Loopbe1 - Creates a virtual midi output from USB2Midi for use in other MIDI software such as Reaper.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan. I am working on some project and i would like to know, if you would be interested to help. I did not see any contact on your blog just Google talk but did not work when i search for your name. I hope you read your comments on your blog. You can contact me at and i will give you more info.

Regards Pavel

Unknown said...

can you please write down the steps u used to link the drum pad to ezdrummer in reaper?

Ilham Ashari said...

Hello, Dan. I am interested after seeing this video (of course I bought the same stuff too) and I've tried to link my usb midi roll up drum kit to EZdrummer (but it's through FL Studio) and I stucked at connecting the midi to FL
can you tell me the steps here or on my Gmail? if FL can't, you can tell me how to do this on reaper.