Friday, June 3, 2011

Disassemble Reassemble

In light of recent PCB manufacturing explorations, I have decided to go into business! Well on a very small scale :) Check out my new online store. Below are some pictures of what's currently in stock.


Dave said...

Hi Dan;
Why did you choose angle headers? Especially if for use in a breadboard, which needs maximum support for the switch integral in the encoder.....?
There must be a good reason (you wouldn't have done it that way otherwise) - so I'm intrigued!

Dan Thompson said...

Hi Dave, good question. You can choose which ever headers you like! It only ships as the bare board(headers and encoder sold separately). But in this case I plan to suspended it from the front face of an enclosure with 4 screws next to an LCD display. So I was just going for more clearance with the right angle headers, that's all.