Saturday, February 19, 2011

Timelapse Calculator for iPhone

Well actually it's called Timelapse Helper. Thanks Simon Loffer for his slick, and much more portable take on the Original Timelapse Calculator. Follow this link to download the iPhone app. I hear Simon is keen to do an Android version soon too. Man, I love open source!


Nick Graalman said...

This is great guys, nice work.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks for making it.

Couple of suggestions:
1) Have a default settings page where you can leave the FPS to the one you prefer.
2) Put a checkbox next to each setting you can turn on so that changes to any of the other parameters will solve for that field. For example, I set my FPS to 24, my playback time to 8 seconds and my shooting time to 2 hours and I check the box next to interval to find out how many seconds between each shot.

Dan Thompson said...

Thanks for the suggestions, I believe Simon has number 2 on his list already. But I'll pass them both on anyway. B.T.W I didn'y write the iphone version. I wrote the win,mac,linux version. But maybe if I do another iteration I will add this. Thanks!

sighmon said...

Hi Dan / Anon,

Thanks for the feedback. I've been thinking about how to solve 2) and settled on double tapping to 'lock' fields, but a checkbox to signify which field to solve sounds like a much better solution and less taps.

A settings page also sounds really sensible. Will get onto these soon.

Cheers, Simon.

sighmon said...

Hey guys,

Sorry it's taken such a long time, but I've finally got back to working on the app.

You can now download version 0.2 from the app store with some tiny changes.

1) I've added the default settings feature, both to the info screen and the default app settings in iPhone general settings.

2) I've started to experiment with an interval centric calculator. To turn on the beta feature, double tap the bottom bar between the 'reset' button and the 'i' button. A little red dot will appear next to the interval field, and then if you spin the shooting wheel, the interval will be calculated.

Let me know what you think about it, and how it can be improved. :-)

Timelapse Helper

App store link

Cheers, Simon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anon from June 13th here...

Thanks for making the changes. It is definitely more helpful to have it solve for interval.

Since you asked, here are a couple of suggestions for improvement:
1) you'll probably need a better / more intuitive way of letting people know that you're solving for interval. I would suggest a toggle button or switch that says "find interval" or "solve for interval" or something like that.

2) It seems a little counterintuitive that the "shots" gets solved for and the shooting time changes when you change playback settings when in "locked" into "solve for interval" mode. It would be nice that only the interval number changed no matter if I change the playback time or shooting time.

3) The settings sort of "fight" with you if you have settings at zero and the "solve for interval" is on, when I try to change the playback to something, it keeps zeroing itself out unless I turn it off and back on again.

4) Reset button "hot area" is about twice as wide as the button, so when I went to turn on interval mode it reset everything. No big deal, but might be frustrating if you hit it accidentally.

Thanks again for making the app and making the changes. It's very useful.