Friday, January 29, 2010

My First Animation Editor?

I made a curve editor thingy! Well, not really a curve. It only does Linear Interpolation. It's a start. ;)

Press the hotkeys 1 or 2 and move the mouse to change the keyframes. If it doesn't work first time, try clicking in the frame first.

Edit: Check out the latest  progress with this curve editor here!


Kevin said...

Great work Dan!

jake carvey said...

I gotta say - I've been animating for almost 2 decades, and there is something about the hotkey + X/Y action with this graph that makes me want similar feedback for graph editors in all major animation packages!

Add in a couple of tangent/bezier hotkey "chords" and all thoe tendonitis inducing attempts to click on a 3 pixel square can dissappear!

nice work

Dan Thompson said...

Thanks Jake I will bare that in mind if I ever get to some sort of release.

I know what you mean about the tendonitis. I do a lot of modelling in 3D and need a wacom to combat my RSI. ;)