Tuesday, December 29, 2009

open moco touchscreen interface v002_001

Just another Iteration. This one has button images! Find out more in the Original Post


subpixel said...

Where did that day/night go?... Disappeared into amendments to your reasonably simple gui, getting carried away with things like working out how many pixels high to make the text field and getting frustrated by the weirdness of strokeWeight with even values!

Feel free to examine/steal ideas from spxlTextInput_v005_xxx on the OpenProcessing site (one update so far).


Dan Thompson said...


What can I say but thanks! It's very generous to share your knowledge like this.

As you can tell by my programming skills. I'm kinda new to this stuff. Just basing my methods mainly on what I've found in the processing handbook.

You are the second person on the openProcessing site to offer a gentle push in the right direction. Thankyou!

Do you have any good references/links on all the event driven stuff you mentioned.

Also, I am unfamiliar with the significance of the public prefix you put in front your classes. I read in the docs that all fields and methods are public unless otherwise specified by the private keyword?

If you'd like to chat more it's frankenegger[aT]gmaildotcom

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...
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