Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First Processing Class

So I recently bought a book on Processing. If you haven't heard of Processing CHECK IT OUT! It's an open source programing language with a strong enphasis on visual applications. I love it cause of it's ease of use. It reminds me of how quickly I was able to get started with the Arduino IDE. Infact the IDE for Processing and the Arduino are almost identical!

The book I bought is so well written, even I can understand it! And you don't need a computer in front of you to read it!

In the future I would like to design a generic animation timeline out of it for motion control applications. But for now I'm taking baby steps with this one as I really want to learn it well.

Here's a link to My First Processing Class (you will need java installed on your machine to interact with it) It's a Button that has rounded corners. Nothing too crazy here. But this class should prove usefull in future projects.

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Marcel said...

Go for it! All learning is good.

I understand that the Arduino IDE was built upon the Processing IDE - in the same way that Arduino's C-derived language was adapted from Processing's lingo.

I use Macromedia (now Adobe) Director for interactive multimedia work (which can access the serial port) so I'd quite like to use that for a moco controller. I've been stumbling to some extent with rebuilding my Arduino/LCD based control interface to handle multiple channels/axis - but maybe I'd be better to just leave the moves to Arduino and do all my user interaction and setup in Director where I know I can do it (relatively) easily.

You're prompting good food for thought Dan. Thx.