Sunday, June 28, 2009

I made the top 20!

A friend of mine just notified me that I'm on the HacknMod top 40 Arduino Projects on the Web! I can scarcely believe it myself! I came in at number 20. Check out the link for loads of other cool projects!

The project I'm listed for has been on the shelf for a little while. Maybe it's time to dust it off and release it to the world!


Marcel said...

Hey! Congratulations!

You've SO got some dusting to do! There's nothing like having someone else interested in your projects as a motivation eh!?


Kevin Larson said...

Hey Dan,

That's awesome that you made the top 40!!! I'd rank what you're doing in the top 5 of what people are doing with the arduino! Any new headway?


Dan Thompson said...

Hey Kevin,

Unfortunately have not had much free time of late. As I mentioned in the latest post, I've been playing with processing and also a friend just showed me how to write a plugin for maya that can create more than one type of node! This is great. It means Moco Tools For Maya can be one plugin that shares the same serial connection across multiple node types. How's the house renovations coming along? I'm on gmail chat these days, so feel free to contact me there if you want.