Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Adventures of Egg Cup Boy

Egg Cup Boy was a the result of a collaboration between Craig Bunker, Andrew McLean and myself, Daniel Thompson. The year was 1999 and this short was part of our studies at M.A.P.S. (Media Arts Productions Skills) at Hamilton College in South Australia.

We had no Idea what we were doing or how we would do it. All we had was a few Cardboard boxes and some Modelling Clay and Free Reign of Andrew's Parent's basement.

The film took around 3 months to shoot, and many late nights of cutting together royalty free sound samples for the score and sound design.


Anonymous said...

finally egg cup boy appears !!! :)

- James Hubbard

Dan Thompson said...

I know! The world can now finally live in harmony now that it has access to this great classic :)

Bunkwaa said...

Boy, that frankenegger sure was a bad egg!!! still makes me cringe! i blame Macca for not editing the script!

Dan Thompson said...

What do you mean!? I love that line! It's so bad it's good! :)

Bunkwaa said...

yeah your right, it's an oldie, but it's a googy!

Henry said...

hey dan
i love egg cup boy
check out my last animation. c what you think of some of the lip sync!

Dan Thompson said...

Hey Henry!

Great animation dude! Just like the original, I like the lions the best! "swimming in the water" and space! you need SPACE! ;)

Good to see you are still into the stop motion and still have the time to do it!