Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mac Version of Servo Tools For Maya!

Chishbak has managed to get Servo Tools For Maya Working on the Mac. Unfortunately I don't have a mac to test, But at least we know it's possible! :)


bogdan lazar (Chishbak ) said...

Hi there,

the way i port this to Mac was very easy thanx to
python multiplatform capabilities.

Here is the MO:


Maya 2011 ( very important , older version didn't work in my case)
Python 2.6
Python serial lib for 2.6

Step 1 : Install Python 2.6 and download serial lib for it

Step 2 : copy the serial folder from _pyserial/build/lib to maya's: Applications/Autodesk/maya2011/

Step 3. modify every "COM 4" from both and with an OSX like serial ( get that from Arduino's Menu tools/ serial Port) .

Step 4. Copy both modified plugins in maya plugin directory)

Step. 5. continue with mel setup and shell setup for maya ...same procedure like your pc version

that's it

BUT everything was possible due to your rock solid pc version :D !!!!

Thx anyway and don't give up to DYI moco project of yours :D (it's inspiring to lot's of people)

Bogdan Lazar ( chishbak) :)

Dan Thompson said...

Thanks again chishbak,

Can you please give and example of what a "OSX like serial" looks like?


bogdan lazar (Chishbak ) said...

In my case serial port looks like this :


Alan said...

Thanks Lazar!

Quick question: What was the "older version" of Maya you were using?

I'm just asking, because it's very difficult/expensive to upgrade.

Any hints you can provide me about a work around using Maya 2008 on a mac?