Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Timelapse Calculator v0.1 Released

Yay! My first Cross Platform Application Is ready for use. It is written in Python utilizing PyQt for the interface. Enjoy!

              • Shooting Duration (Input or Calculation)
              • Playback Duraion (Input or Calculation)
              • Interval Time Between Shots (Input only)
              • Shots to be taken (Input or Calculation)
              • FPS, Frames Per Second for playback (Input only)
              • Reset values, Sets all values to 0
              • Cross Platform Interface and API
To download the tool and for info on installation and usage visit this page on


pixelgrit said...

fantastic work. i'm going to give that a go on my next shoot!

Nick Graalman said...

Great work Dan! Oh yeah, i have a blog now :)