Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thinktank Braving The Day

After playing in this band (Thinktank) for 4.5 years, I got married and began to pursue another passion of mine. Film and Video Production. During this transition I helped shoot and edit their Music Video Clip. The clip had a decent run on RAGE (A late night MTV show in Australia). The band released a killer album "Rules For Revolution" around the same time, toured lots and eventually disbanded like all good things tend to do. But the music and the video remains....

Check out Thinktank's myspace here. And go here for their other Music Video for the song "Suitor".


Nyall said...

Have you ever thought about releasing Thinktank's music under a creative commons like license? I've been trying to get hold of Thinktank's music for a while now, and apart from the low-quality myspace songs, it's impossible to track down any of it. The music of Thinktank is simply too good to vanish into obscurity!!

Dan Thompson said...

Heya Nyall,

That's not a bad idea. I will mention this to my bro, Darren. He tends to be the one who can make this sort of thing happen ;)

BTW. check back regularly as I have another rare Thinktank Video Clip for the song "Suitor" that I will upload when I can find the time.

Also you can download this video from for free at full rez! you just have to download a small app called veoh tv first.

Dan Thompson said...

As promised. Sorry it took so long. Here is Thinktank's Music Video for the song "Suitor" Rock n Roll!