Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's Make Robots!

Lets Make Robots is a site I've been visiting a lot lately. As a kid I tried to make a robot of my own but never got around to finishing it (surprise surprise :) . This site is a great intro to basic robotics and programming micro processors.

I hope to buy a starter kit one day and make one of my own. This interests me because it's a great chance for me to take what I've learned about rigging and programming in 3D into the real world!

Here's a clip of one of my favorite Robots on this site.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic Dan! Where you involved in this funky machine?
Good blog too!
Thanks for keeping us updated. Paulo Alberton

Dan Thompson said...

Hey Paulo, Unfortunately I can't claim any credit for this cute little robot.

But would love to have a go at making one when I have the time. They don't seem that hard to make.

It's their purpose that I find sets one apart from the other. I just love the Idea behind this one!

If you click on the lets make robots link you'll find all sorts of interesting contraptions :)

circuit board said...

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