Friday, April 24, 2009

openMoco Icons

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Just a quick update on some maya to moco related stuff. I'm very close to releasing something. I've been spending a bit of time on user interfaces of late. Here are some icons I've been working on. They start as 3D models in maya. Then I render them out in vector format for Adobe Illustrator.

Something tells me that I will have to go and "macify" them to make them more pretty. I'm a sucker for slick glossy graphics. But I always go full circle and make them simple again in the end :)


luuude said...

Nice one!

Saw your interface on the script you did on the general lift mocon. You sure like your gui design!

Dan Thompson said...

Yeah, I find it amusing, that I have a degree in titles design. Most of my time studying it was spent in 3D. Still, I guess some of the core stuff must have rubbed off on me :)

If it's a friendly GUI, then usually, it's a friendly app!