Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pay Per View Mocap Test

This was a motion capture test I did back in the film school days. I was learning Motion Builder at the time and wanted to test the motion builder to maya capabilities.

I cringe at the poor anatomy and bad smooth bind. But hey it's still fun to watch a TV Head do karate kicks!


bclark said...

There is something creepy about a TV headed guy doing that kind of motion:) now on a flat panel headed guy sure.HAHA.

chatnoir said...

Danny, please I am looking for some motion builder tutorials ( for starters) , seriously do you have an idea where can find those ? I have been googling the hell out of motion builder tuto and I can't find a thing.


Dan Thompson said...

It's Dan if you please,

3dbuzz has a large range of Motion Builder Tutorials. They are free if you register. They are quite old but according to a post on The Area, they are still relevant. BTW, all this info took me three clicks to find using google.


chatnoir said...

thank you for the advice Dan .I will check it out.