Sunday, June 15, 2008

Solem, Work In Progress

Ok, so this is just a render I did Sunday evening when I had a bit of free time. The checkered parts don't have textures yet. Some parts have bump maps. I estimate he's about 70% done. Gonna start spending a bit more time over the next few weekends to get him ready for rendering. Spent most of my time getting the light to look right for this render. I'm pretty happy with it now and I think the effect will animate well from the few tests I did. Still I think the glow is a bit too intense. Might look at this next weekend.

more soon...


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan

thanks for the look into your world... and for the music.

I'd be keen to see more of your work...and maybe check out Rising Sun someday!

Dan Thompson said...

No worries, Glad you liked it. For sure, things are pretty busy at RSP at the moment, but when things quieten down a bit , I will see if I can organize something.